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Icescape Icescape

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Great visuals but gameplay...

I've been playing this game for a couple of days now and still your timing for most of the parts can be annoying. Especially the pressure and fuse box. The time you give to solve the fuse & pressure box is just too little. For the pressure box, I've managed to solve the puzzle a few times but I only get caught up because of time. Even if you did solve the puzzle for this part, time still ticks because of some steam animation running through the pipes. So when you run out of time, you have to go back to the steam room click the pressure box and do it all over again. So you lose a little body temp. Then when you try your luck again, the pieces are arranged in random, so not only you've got so little time to recognize and figure out the pieces but also you've got so little time to solve it. When you run out of time you go back to the room, lose some body temp and repeat. And I've repeated this a couple of times till I die.

Now for the fuse box, this part also takes some time to figure out. Not everybody here can solve problems quickly, so most ppl would probably take a while to figure out. By the time you figure it out, time runs out and you go back to the room, lose some body temp and try your luck again. And if you keep on doing this w/o any luck you'd also end up dead because of no body temp.

The safe part, like what many said is also tricky and can be annoying too. Perhaps you should give more time for these timely based puzzles.

I don't think this game would suit your typical casual gamer and would require lots of dedication to get through it. Other than that nice job for the visuals.

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